Program guide for live TV

I have a Tablo 4th gen. The “Live” OTA program guide only shows programming up to 5pm. At 5pm Pacific Standard Time the guide is blank for 5-10 minutes or so, then updates and shows programming up until 5pm the following day. I wouldn’t mind it it refreshed at say 5am, but 5pm is pretty inconvenient. Anyone else have this issue, and anyone know how to fix it?

Perhaps I should mention that I’m using Roku on a Samsung TV.

A couple of suggestions for you:

  1. When you are reporting program guide issues it would be helpful to us and Tablo Support to tell us your ZIP Code!

  2. Did you try changing your ZIP Code to another close by one?

Thanks for the quick response. Zip code is (was) 95648, Lincoln Calif. I changed it to 95814, Sacramento CA and did a channel rescan. Same result with guide.

@Beuford This is quite strange. Do you turn your Tablo or your internet off in the evenings?

No. Both remain on 24/7.

Couple of quick questions:
Is this happening on all channels?
Have you tried rebooting the Tablo?
Is this the same behavior on Roku and your other devices? (Like the mobile app you used to set it up, or a different Google/Android/Firestick?)

Good suggestion from @269587 to see if you’re seeing this on other devices.

Also, what happens if you scroll to/beyond 5 p.m. at other times of the day?

It’s happening on all channels, including the FAST channels (those without channel numbers).
I did a reboot and a factory reset and issue persisted.
It’s happening on all TVs - all use Roku for Tablo.
The iPhone used during setup does, in fact, show the channel guide for days in advance.

Any time of the day that I view the channel guide on the TV it is blank beyond 5pm. In other words, any time today prior to 5pm the channel display will be blank beyond 5pm. If I view it at 6pm it will display programming for the next 23 hours … until 5pm the following day.

Well, it sounds like we’ve got a Roku issue if it’s working just fine on your iPhone. That’s a start!

I know, so many of these questions are going to seem repetative, and I apologize!

Have you tried updating the Roku’s software?
What about a Roku system reboot?
How about a cache clear reboot (this is a bit tricky, but a step above uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling the app (which also might be something to try).
To achieve the cache reset, press:
Home 5x,
Rewind, Rewind,
Fast Forward, Fast Forward.

Make sure you hear the plink noise Roku makes at each step. Do this fast enough and it will scroll the left side’s menus, look frozen, then reboot itself.

Also, if you would share what Roku models and Roku OS version numbers each have, that would help @TabloTV & @TabloSupport know more about your system. If you need help trying to find any of the settings above, please feel free to ask. Hopefully, we can get something working soon!

Certainly no need for you to apologize - I appreciate the help.
The software is up to date on all Rokus, and a reboot didn’t help.

I did the cache reset; I guess I did it correctly because scrolled to the left side menu, froze, then rebooted.

Issue persists.

I have a Roku Premiere and 2 Streaming Sticks running OS12.5.0, and a Streaming Stick 4 running OS 12.5.5.

I never thought it would have anything to do with what is currently going on, but in the interest of “transparency” …

When I initially tried to install the Tablo, and not knowing there were a Legacy and a 4th Gen versions of the app, I mistakenly downloaded the Legacy version. It resulted in the same issue - Program Guide only showing programs to 5pm and not beyond.

After a few days of fiddling around I discovered the error, deleted the Legacy app from my iPhone and downloaded the 4th Gen app. I did a factory reset hoping to remove any erroneous setting from the Tablo, and then completed the Tablo setup.

Guide behavior did not change.

Can you send us the model number of each of your Roku devices? This is under SYSTEM > ABOUT.

Can you also confirm how many channels you have added to your lineup?

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All I have added are 11 OTA channels and 1 FAST channel.

3810 RW Streaming Stick+, software 12.5.0, build 4178-50
3920X Premiere, software 12.5.0, build 4178-91
3820R2 Streaming Stick 4k, software 12.5.5, build 4174-E6
3810X Streaming Stick+, software 12.5.0, build 4178-50

By “added”, do you mean saved in your channel list? Or saved to your favorites grid?

Good question. When I do a channel scan Tablo identifies and lists 153 channels. I then go through and remove the check mark from all but 11 OTA channels and 1 FAST channel. I then “Save and Continue”.

Okay. Gotcha. Just making sure – the favorites guide has some odd behavior yet.

I have the same problem. I found a workaround which is to scroll the guide from 5pm to about 7pm. The guide will fill in and then I scroll back to 5pm. This is just another example of Tablo still being a beta product.


I don’t know what happened - possibly a combination of some of the previous steps plus a little bit of time, or the fact that I moved the tablo just a few inches last night. But this morning the channel guide filled in up until 5pm two days from now. As long as it continues to do so, that’s good enough for me.

Thanks all of you for your help.