Program guide for KPBS San Diego is for Spanish language station

For some reason, the guide shows 15.1, KPBS as having Spanish language programming. It’s side band 15.2 has Spanish, but not 15.1. I put both up just to see if they were the same, but nope. They both have spanish programs, and none of the Wild Kratts, Sesame Street, or news programming that I want.

I’m assuming that 15.1 is the English PBS station and the EPG provider is putting the wrong information. You CAN go to and print the monthly schedule, but I know that means MANUAL RECORDING, which is no fun. @TabloTV can let the EPG provider know and HOPEFULLY it won’t take as long to correct as it did for them to finally get the 36-3 schedule for me. They most likely will need your zip code - just saying so you can leave it now to speed up the process.

I live in San Diego and my 15-1 EPG is correct. Probably a specific ZIP code problem

Thanks for the quick responses. 15.1is definitely the English PBS station. I live in the Del Mar zip, but am on the very last house on the map in the city. I’ll try changing to the adjacent zip and see if that helps. Comforting to know that it works in San Diego. When I get the results of my test, I will give feedback to @TabloTV.
Thanks again

I changed my zip code to 92123 which is in San Diego proper and the programming is perfect. Thanks so much. Easy fix.

Sorry I didn’t suggest changing zip code in my post.

I’m really more amazed that a Del Martian actually receives any of the channels broadcast from Spring Valley. Must be on the hill, with LOS, and a roof mounted antenna.

Next he’s going to tell me he gets 6-1. The CW channel broadcast out of Tijuana. God I hope he doesn’t also get the L.A. channels.