Program Guide for CoziTV, RetroTV, REVN, and TBTV in Toronto

I’m a new Tablo user in Toronto and have access to the following channels, but there is no program guide information available. 

56-1 CoziTV
56-2 RetroTV
56-3 REVN

I also have access to 56-5 Shop, but based on the name, I’m not sure I care about program info for that one. :slight_smile:

Are these new stations?
Does anyone else in other markets have these stations with program information?
Will program information be available for them in Toronto in the near future?

I live near Buffalo and receive those stations and have guide data for them so it must not be setup for your postal code you put in the tablo. You can submit a request with tablo to have their provider add the stations for you, but for now you can try changing your postal code to one a little closer to Buffalo. Changing my postal code worked for me to receive guide data for Toronto and Buffalo. I used postal code 14094 to receive everything.

1. Those are US channels which is probably why they don’t show up if you’re using a Canadian postal code versus an American zip code.

2. How big is your antenna? Most of us in Toronto can’t pick up those channels.

REVN is all cars.  RertroTV and CoziTV both show old American TV shows, such as Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbilles, and Mystery Science Theater  on RetroTV and CoziTV has other old American shows such as Dragnet.  There is some overlap between the two networks.  See to make a schedule.  I get most of the stations, but might be different than you receive.  I’m in Austin, TX. If there is a FOX owned station in Buffalo, you might want to rescan to add BuzzrTV, which will be old gameshows.  The station begins broadcasting on June 1.

Thanks for the feedback, I didn’t think to try a different postal code, I will try that today.

For my antenna, I use a Clearstream 2V which is mounted on my chimney, but I also live just 300m from the lake so I guess I’m just lucky to get them; they come in clearly for me.

@dog300 - Please drop a ticket to support with what postal code you were trying to use in the first place so we can get that patched up. 

In the meantime, try the suggestion above. 

For anyone else reading this thread, I did try zip code 14094 as suggested and I received the program information for these stations, but lost it for CityTV in Toronto (an important one here). So I’ve switched back and opened a support case. Thanks all!

You can also try a few other nearby postal or zip codes. You might find one that’s got the stuff from Buffalo & CityTV.

Yes, I did a Google search for a zip code map and picked one based on size, population and proximity to the towers I wished to receive. If you try one in Canada, but a little closer to Lake Ontario or more towards Buffalo you might have better luck.