Process of updating channel information

I opened a ticket with Tablo Support to get KNVA-DT-4 (channel 54.4) changed from Court TV Mystery to COURT TV. On the same day, I sent an email to Titan TV, also telling them. Somehow Titan TV managed to get it changed TODAY. Tablo is still slow. and I’m still waiting.

They still don’t have 40-5 DABL in the guide. They updated 40-1, 40-2, 40-3, 40-4…

Ticket opened for it too - seems like TitanTVcan update faster. One thing I really like about TitanTV is the ability to create YOUR OWN stations based on another station. While I am waiting, I created it based on another station. I also create stations for streaming channels I watch, including BYUTV, Catholic TV.