Problems with Preview app and NVIDIA Shield

I’ve been using the Tablo Preview app with my 2017 NVIDIA Shields (all with the latest updates) for what seems like a long time now. I have the 4-tuner Tablo, the one that’s sold refurbished on the Tablo web site. Lately I’ve been getting a couple of disconnects from the Tablo during a half-hour show, and eventually get frustrated and switch to the same channel on Youtube TV to avoid interruptions. Youtube TV streaming is perfect, of course, never a problem. This Tablo Preview app behavior is not acceptable, I have an OTA antenna to help with data cap issues from my ISP. And I also like the Tablo DVR functionality.

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this, other than switching back to the mainline Tablo app, which I’ll try this coming week. I hate to do that, since I lose the on-screen channel changer that is triggered by the up arrow on the remote. And will have to go out of the show that I’m watching and back to the Guide to find out what else is on, or what’s next.

I’m about ready to chuck the Tablo and go with a different OTA tuner setup if this continues.

My question is whether other NVIDIA Shield users are seeing this, or if my Tablo has gone 'round the bend, as it were?

I could also revert to my Roku Ultra and try the Tablo app on that, but I like the NVIDIA a whole lot better than the Roku, which is why I paid the higher price for it…everything works great on the NVIDIA Shields except the Tablo Preview app.

So am I the only one seeing this? If not, is the mainline Tablo app working better for folks?


I have both the 4-tuner Tablo and Nvidia Shield. Both the Tablo and Nvidia are connected via Ethernet cables not wireless… The latest Preview app and the traditional Tablo app are rock solid no playback issues at all. I record everything at HD720.

Yeah, the Tablo and streaming boxes are hard-wired here as well. Wi-Fi not an issue, good thought, though. All HD here (when available :-), as well. As I said, streaming via Youtube TV just works, no problems.

Glad to hear it’s all working for you. Maybe my Tablo isn’t working right anymore, then. Might have to try the Roku and see what happens there.

Or just chuck the Tablo, after trying some stuff. I’m always reluctant, though, to re-buy something that has problems. So I’ll have to figure out a plan B here if I can’t get the Tablo to be solid again. I really like my OTA antenna and the results that I get with it, not giving up on that.


Heat can also cause trouble. I have 2 Tablo 4-Tuner models and a nVidia Shield, all connected via ethernet. 4 and a half years ago when I bought my first unit I was also having some problems. I bought a laptop cooling pad and haven’t had any disconnect problems since. Currently I have both Tablo units sitting on the cooling pad and they work flawlessly.

Thanks. The Tablo does get pretty warm, but having it sitting vertically seems to help a bunch with heat. I don’t want any fans, since this is in a bedroom, which is the best spot for my OTA antenna. In fact, that’s why I switched from a rotating disk connected to the Tablo to an SSD. My wife and I are both light sleepers, very sensitive to ambient noise.

I’ve decided to switch to the Roku for a while…if the Tablo is solid on the Roku, then I’ll have something to talk with Tablo support about.

And, peripherally, now that the HDhomerun has a Roku app, I can get a look at that as well and see if they’ve improved the app user interface at all. Used to be terrible, so it wouldn’t be hard to make it better :-).

Are your Tablo and NVIDIA Shield both hard wired directly to your router? Or do you have a switch or switches between the Tablo and router or Shield and router?

Neither of my NVIDIA Shields or the Tablo are co-located with my eero router, and no ethernet cabling in the walls, so no, they are not directly connected. This is a recent problem, though, my network topology hasn’t changed since I’ve had the Tablo. And everything else on our home network is working well as usual.

To amplify, I have MoCA 2.0 between the gateway eero node at my router and the two remote nodes. The eero node at the TV in question has no switch connected to it, just the MoCA adapter and NVIDIA Shield are connected to the erro there. There is a simple, unmanaged switch, though, that’s connected to the gateway eero, and that is also connected to the MoCA. And the eero node that’s co-located with the upstairs TV, has another simple, unmanaged switch that has the Shield and Tablo connected to it. The eero nodes only have 2 ethernet ports, which just isn’t enough these days. This configuration has worked really well for me for over a year now. Great wireless throughout our house, by the way :-). The MoCA backhaul adds about 5 - 10% to the wireless speed at the eero nodes, and adds to network reliability. Helps with streaming.

Okay, verified that the Tablo works perfectly on the Tablo app with the Roku Ultra. So I don’t think that I’m having Tablo problems. I’ve retired the Shields for the moment in favor of the Roku Ultras, until Tablo fixes their Tablo Preview app to work better with my combination of TV’s and 2017 NVIDIA Shields.

Too bad, I like the NVIDIA Shield a lot. But I like my peace of mind using the Tablo more :-). And the Roku is more functional with the Tablo at the moment, although slower and wastes home page space on ads.