Problems with Live TV on Roku after Firmware update from Tablo

I woke up yesterday morning as saw that the Tablo App on Roku had a new look, GREAT! Problem is that is the “Live TV” function won’t work and kicks me out of the app and back to the home Roku screen each time I’m on it. All other features within the Tablo app work except Live TV. If I move the control to Live TV it loads for about 1-2 seconds then kicks me out of the app. I’ve contacted Roku and they say it’s a Tablo issue. They had me remove/add the Tablo app and update the system but none of the worked. Anyone else having this issue? I love the look of the new Tablo app but I can’t watch TV with it right now.

If you want’ you can go back to the old app until this is resolved. Go here to get the old one - look for “legacy”.

Yes, that’s what I did as a temporary workaround but I’d really like to the new app to work properly.

Definitely submit a support ticket. I have never heard of that particular issue.

@Jacob_Pugh - Sorry to hear you’re having issues with this. What hardware and firmware version is your Roku?

I have the same problem. Before the upgrade my Tablo/Roku worked with no problems. Since the upgrade;

  1. It is super slow to switch from one menu to another. Unfortunately it remembers remote button pushes so I am always overshooting the selection I wanted.
  2. I can no longer watch live TV as described by the original poster.
  3. The ‘sports’ menu has gone.
  4. The recordings and guide now show everything in alphabetical order with no way to sort by date or genre as the old interface allowed.
  5. I have watched one hour of recording since the upgrade. In that time it froze twice and I had to power cycle the Roku.

I will try to go back as suggested by AndreTheGeek. I am not sure how to apply the old version to my Roku but I will come back here if I get stuck.


PS The Roku is a type HD model 2500X. Tablo and Roku interface is whatever the latest auto download has given me.

I recently got a Nexus Player for $50 and Tablo is MUCH better on Nexus Player. Also it DOES NOT have the huge ads that Roku has been putting on the right side. I updated it to Android M. I’ve ordered a microusb to full size usb so I can try connecting usb tv tuner to it.

Ask @Jestep or others that have Nexus Player. I added The Weather Network.

Won’t this allow you to cruise through the channels much faster and do channel hopping quicker?

If it works as described, yes. But Pluto TV mostly doesn’t work in Live Channels. Maybe sometime, but Pluto TV app works great.

OK, I have got the legacy interface loaded and it works as it should. Is there any way to stop the Tablo from auto-updating its firmware so I can freeze these working versions?

I will look into the Nexus Player. I had not heard of it before.



Reminds me of the XBox using Hauppauge USB tuner for OTA.

Just remembered. It does not auto-update, I have to do that from my iPad so I should be good to go with the existing Tablo and Rocu legacy software.

Thanks everyone.