Problems with iPhone/iPad app

Hi. I’ve had my Tablo for a little over a month and have been loving it so far. I have very few complaints and everything has been working well for me. I just recently noticed that when I use Airplay to stream to my AppleTV, that I can no longer exit the app to do other things on my iPhone or iPad without it stopping the show that I want to watch. This didn’t use to be the case. Maybe it’s an Apple iOS issue or is it the new version of Tablo for iOS?

Also, I wish these apps had the same functionality across the full iOS platform. There are a few differences that make using one app better than the other. For instance, on the iPhone I can search my recordings by “Most Recent” and several other categories while on the iPad this isn’t possible. Then on the iPad I can skip ahead by 30 seconds or back 20 seconds, but on the iPhone this isn’t possible. Why can’t these apps be built so they work the same?

@dubs - We’re not seeing the issue you’re reporting with your iPad.

I would suggest touching base w/ support so we can figure out what’s happening for you:

And there is a bit of a difference between the iPad and iPhone apps in terms of functionality at the moment because they are different code bases. We are working to get everything to be as consistent as possible across platforms.

Do you have background app refresh activated? I’m thinking that could help with doing other things while watching a show.

I always found the iPad app to be more stable and lately when I play a recording on my iPhone app it seems to go out of sync after a couple of ffw, just the same as when I play a recording from Chrome on my PC.

Thanks for the reply. Background app refresh isn’t an option for the Tablo app, however.

Here’s my setup:
iPhone 6s running version 9.2 with Tablo version 1.0.24 Airplaying to Apple TV 3 running version 7.2

When I exit the Tablo app, it kills what is Airplaying to the Apple TV. This also happens on my iPad (don’t have that in front of me now but it’s running the latest iOS and most recent Tablo app, as well. I will get in touch with Tablo support to see why this is all of a sudden happening - my best guess is it’s something with the newest Tablo app version since I’m seeing it with both my iPad and iPhone now.

I find the stability of both the iPad and iPhone apps is the same, but as mentioned, wish the functionality was the same.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone!

I can confirm this same issue on an iPhone 6, iOS 9.1, Tablo firmware 2.2.8 and version 10.0.24 of the Tablo iOS app. When I airplay a video, switching to another app or pressing the home button causes play back to cease. This did not happen with the previous version of the Tablo app, which I upgraded on 12/11.


We have confirmed this is occurring here on iPhone 6 and 6S. Since it’s not occurring on a 5S and also happens with other apps this seems to be pointing at an iOS bug. We’re going to look into this further and see if we can find a workaround in the meantime.

Any updates on this issue?

Just noting another difference between the iPhone and iPad apps…

On the iPad when a recording is selected, there isn’t a Delete > Delete All Recordings option from the main screen for that particular show. You would have to go into each episode and delete each one individually (kind of a pain for 75 episodes of Jeopardy!).

On the iPhone, it’s easy with the Delete All Recordings option from the main screen for each series. This is critical for quickly clearing up a lot of space on the hard drive. Developers, please keep this feature when merging these iOS platforms. Thanks!

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@TabloTV Update: This issue is not solved with the release of iOS 9.2.1

@dubs We haven’t had much time to add this feature to the iPad app, but we hope to implement it in the future. Stay tuned!

@TabloSupport Sorry for the confusion. The issue I am referring to is the Airplay problem that is mentioned above. When Airplaying, exiting the Tablo app kills whatever is being viewed via Airplay. This has not been fixed with iOS 9.2.1

When you say exiting? Are you actually opening up the app switcher and closing the app? Or are you just navigating to another app?

I am just navigating to another app - not shutting down the Tablo app itself. Tablo has confirmed this issue and believe it to be a bug with the iOS (although there are many apps that don’t do this, so I’m skeptical that it’s the iOS). I was just reporting that is has not been fixed with the newest version of iOS that came out in the last week or so.

What else are you AirPlaying to your ATV that doesn’t do this?

Netflix for example has a standalone app for the Apple TV so when you “AirPlay” to the ATV from Netflix on your iPad it is actually just handing over the stream to the Netflix app on the ATV. There is no standalone Tablo app for the ATV, so it doesn’t do that.

Plex, BTN2Go (Big Ten Network) & Amazon Video are 3 that I can think of that I use all the time that don’t behave this way. I can navigate outside of the app and the video still Airplay’s without shutting down.

I’m using AppleTV 3’s that don’t have Plex, so for Plex, I know that it’s not just handing over the stream to the ATV.

@dubs We’ve managed to reproduce this, and will implement a fix soon! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!