Problems with iOS App on All My Apple Devices (old thread)

I upgrade all of my iOS devices this weekend. The new updated tablo iOS app uses the apple fast forward and rewind buttons. Well these buttons do not work. When viewing a recorded show and hitting the rewind button, it sends the video back to the beginning, not 20 seconds in the past. When hitting the fast forward button, it sends the video forward a random length of time (anywhere from 10 secs to close to 2 minutes). Tablo support is telling me that they are not experiencing this issue with their iOS app.
Is anyone else having this issue?

My iPhone reacts the same way as emitters

I’m having similar issues on my AppleTV 4 :frowning:

Was facing same issue, but now working fine for me.


I have the same issue as well with iOS and Apple TV. Also, on the Apple TV sometimes when I pause live tv and then try to continue the program the starts at playing from the beginning of the buffer program (could be 30mins back or further) and I have to seek back to where I was. If I pause again and then play the program again I jump back to the beginning of the buffer again and have to seek back to where I was again. Very annoying. Both issues happened on iOS 11 and 12.