Problems with Consistent operation

I have a problem with my new cord-cutting configuration, maybe you can point out what I need to change.

TV 1

Roku 3800X networked 5 Gh
Software 8.0.1 build 4018-55

Tablo App in Roku
DirectTVNow app in Roku

TV 2
Roku 3600X Networked 2.4 Gh
S/N 5S56A3041270
Software Version 8.0.0 build 4128-24
Tablo App in Roku
DirectTVNow app in Roku

Both televisions are within 20 feet of the router (Google Home Hub). TV1 works very well on both the Tablo channels and DirectTVNow but TV2 does not work very well on the Tablo app (it is almost always loading and when the loading stops it only plays the picture for a few seconds.

What can I change to make them work the same. The only difference I see is the Roku model name.

Thanks for your help.

Ed Derge

Also 2.4 network vs. 5 network. Try putting the other ROKU on the 5 network… It’ll likely be less congested.

How is the Tablo itself connected to the router? Ethernet would be best.

As a test, Invest in a long Ethernet cable(s).

Make sure that the Tablo is connected by Ethernet to your router.

Now take the long Ethernet cable and direct connect the Roku on the TV that is giving problems to the Router as well.

If your problem goes away, we know to investigate the quality of the WiFi network between the Roku and the Router.

I had to replace my old router so things would work well. It was an old piece of kit so was ready for the bin - it didn’t even support the wifi “5” version, only the “2.4” wifi. Everything works so much better with the new router.