Problems using Edge browser

@TabloTV Are there any plans to fully support the Windows 10 Edge browser? Video playback runs much smoother when using Edge vs Chrome because Edge uses a lot less CPU than Chrome. I realized this when my HTPC box was having difficulty playing back 1080p recordings from my Tablo using Chrome but they would play fine in Edge. Unfortunately I did a reset of Windows 10 on that box and now I can’t connect to the Tablo from Edge anymore, it just says “Connection could not be established, retrying…”.

And yes, I’ve done the clear cache, reset Tablo, retry etc. It consistently still works from one of my PCs but now my HTPC has joined my other two PCs in not connecting no matter what I do.


@AceConrad - Were you trying to use HTTPS vs. HTTP? Tablo’s web app cannot use HTTPS.

No, just using HTTP. When I try to connect to it takes me to the Connect To Tablo screen but when I click on Connect I get the blue circle, Connecting…, and immediately below that the message “Connection could not be established. Retrying in x seconds…” It counts down from 5 to 1 seconds and repeats about 4 times before it goes back to the screen “Connect To Tablo” with a pop-up overlaid that says “A connection to your Tablo could not be established.”

I tried specifying just to see if it was the same symptom but with HTTPS it does not even do the re-trys it just re-displays the “Connect To Tablo” screen.

What seems to be failing is a connection between my Tablo and
If I enable Developer Tools in Edge and look at the Console view I see the following:

I had the same experience with Window Internet explorer browser. Switched to Chrome and connected. You might want to try another browser. Chrome or Mozilla/Firefox.

I do use Chrome but as stated in my opening post my HTPC has trouble playing some recordings because of the higher CPU use in Chrome. I get stuttering video when CPU usage peaks at 100% so watching in Chrome can be annoying at times. I could replace the PC but it works fine for everything else. It can play back HD MP4 video files just fine but using Chrome to playback Tablo recordings can result in CPU peaks that cause intermittent stuttering.

Really? No SSL support on the webserver app?

What’s the CPU in your HTPC?

Chrome now uses the HTML5 player which I haven’t seen use much CPU power.

It is an AMD Athlon Dual Core 4850e teamed with an AMD Radeon HD 5450 video card. I know it’s not a powerhouse but it has worked well up until encountering Tablo playback via Chrome. I agree the HTML5 player uses less CPU than the old Flash player. When it was still Flash I couldn’t play anything in Chrome without the video being extremely jerky but at that point I could still play Tablo recordings in Edge and playback was butter smooth. Now Tablo using Edge is broken and using Chrome is better with the HTML5 player but stills stutters if I play anything recorded at the HD 1080 - 8mbps setting or if some background task starts up when playing HD 720 - 5 Mbps recorded shows.


Any other suggestions to get Tablo working again in the Edge browser? Is it worth opening a ticket or will I just be told that Edge is not supported?


@AceConrad - Trying to get some details from the dev team for you. Stay tuned.

UPDATE - Yes, please do place a ticket. Hard to tell what’s happening without full console logs.

Thanks! Will do.

@AceConrad NP. The team is thinking it might be a firewall issue of some sort?


I opened a ticket a week ago but as I feared have been told that Edge is not fully supported and told to use Chrome instead of Edge for “the best experience.”

I get that Edge is not supported I was just hoping you guys might have an idea on why it works for some PCs and not others. I guess I will have to stick with Chrome and be limited to 720p recordings.

@AceConrad We hope to gain some insight on this in the future, too. The big thing is that it’s just not at 100% support yet - so it’s hard for us to diagnose things properly when we haven’t done a ton of Edge-specific work. Thanks for your patience while we work on this!