Problems setting up my Dad's Tablo

My dad decided to follow in my footsteps and get a Tablo. He said he was having a problem connecting to it so I stopped over after work today. My setup was flawless and I was able to get right into the system. But he’s having issues. He was able to get it into his home wifi network and to get his devices logged into the tablo network once it was set up. But from there when you do a scan for tablo’s none show up. When you try to add via wifi and enter in the network password it says connecting via wifi and just spins and spins without connecting all the while the blue light just continues to flash. He turned it off last night after trying for an hour I told him to leave it on and to see if the blue light goes solid and he can get in. Thoughts/suggestions from here?

At the minimum you need to log into the router and verify that the addresses tablo and all the devices that are going to access tablo are on the same subnet.

When I set up my Tablo, it had issues on Wi-Fi. Once I connected my Tablo via Ethernet, it worked.

You could get this behaviour if the password you’re entering for his home network is incorrect - or if his router is using WEP instead WPA/WPA2. Might be worth checking!

He was able to get into the unit via an Ethernet cable today. Though the one provided with Tablo didn’t help, a spare one he had around the house worked. Now we’all have to figure out the wifi issue so we can move the unit to the second floor of the house. Could the unit currently being right next to the router on the kitchen table be causing a signal overload or some comparable issue?

Metal near the wireless router, or the Tablo can cause signal problems.
I had a laptop not be able to connect to a wireless router 3 feet away, because the laptop’s wireless chip was directly over the metal leaf extension rail underneath my dining room table.
Moved the laptop over a few inches, and viola, connected.