Problems reading recordings

Customers are our top priority!! You hear that when you call in for support? Doesn’t really fit with hanging up on a customer. NO, I wasn’t angry or rude I remained calm and professional. Roku installed an update this weekend. All of my recordings except the ones just created can’t be watched displaying the standard error message “Bad format.” I rebooted the Roku and checked all the settings on my Tablo Quad Network connected. When I call support, I always start off as caller # 4. Finally get a support person and explained my problem. The response was send me a picture of your settings and factory reset my Roku. I know all the settings by heart however the support person just wanted to get off the phone. Therefore I was forced off the phone. I did factory reset on my Roku - nothing. I called back again after waiting my call was answered and after I explained all the issues I was having I heard a “CLICK” and the dial tone. I called back again on the Corporate number which goes to the same place and was told I was again 4th in the que. A few minutes later I was told I was 5th in the que. A few minutes later I was back up to 4th and remained there until I hung up. It appears they had blocked my phone number. This service level reminds my mistake of the $30 I paid for my deposit on the 3.0 OTA DVR for delivery in spring just to be notified a week ago it will take another several months to be delivered. I like the Tablo great technology. With their customer service level I’m surprised they are still in business. I’m sure they will delete my user ID for this Forum. I wonder what their Corporate Charter reads like. I’m going to post my experience with them on every site I can find.

I’m not sure anyone can sprinkle some magic fairy dust over the phone and make problems go away.

But if you put the unit in maintenance mode and open a e-mail ticket maybe some answers might appear.

Unless you are a spammer, your account won’t be deleted from this forum.

Did your last call happen around the end of support hours? One issue that has plagued the Tablo folks is a limited call support window (9:30 am - 5:30 PM Eastern M-F), and from my understanding, they don’t go beyond those hours. So if you can only call when you get home from work (which is probably a large majority of users), you don’t have much time, and a call near 5:30 may not make it through.

As far as troubleshooting, are you having issues playing back recordings on any other device (phone, PC, etc)?

Called about 1 - 1:30 cst. The only recordings that play are the ones created Friday and after.

And that is on all devices (phone and PC), not just the Roku?

Could be a hard drive issue. I did a search on the forums, and there aren’t any posts about the message “Bad format”.

I have never called customer support (just emails and this forum), so I don’t know why you were disconnected. A trouble ticket may be easier.

My PC plays all the recordings perfectly.

Sorry, my mistake error is “Playback failed is not playable on your device using current settings.”

Good to know. So it is specifically a Roku issue with the Tablo rather than the Tablo itself.

I was just playing back old and recent recording on my Roku with no issues. That is such a strange issue. Did the factory reset of the Roku force you to reinstall the Tablo app? If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Since no one knows what roku model and Roku OS version started the problem maybe it’s not that strange.

Hi there @GCB,

What @zippy posted above is very likely the source of your issue. The Roku app specifically prevents playback if a recording was recorded with the surround sound toggle on, and it detects a mismatch with the audio system hooked up to the Roku. As there was a Roku OS update recently, it’s possible that the update changed your Roku’s audio setting, so please follow the instructions in that link.

If that didn’t help, then please double check that your audio setup has not changed at all either, as that could also have caused the problem.

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Thanks for all your responses to my issue. I appreciate your courtesy and professionalism. I solved my issue by deleting all my old recordings prior to last Saturday, approximately 25 of them. The issue is now history. I feel like I am the only one who had this issue. I noticed that the Tablo’s “Roku-Playback” page states that recordings with the “Surround Switch” ON, will not be playable. I told the Tablo support person on my first call that I didn’t have a Surround System, never have and the switch has always been in the OFF position. I do have a Bluetooth audio transmitter connected to my TV but the switch on the Tablo has always remained in the OFF position. Oh well it’s all history now. FYI, My Tablo is the Quad network model, and my Roku version is 11.0.0 and the newest Tablo firmware is installed. The configuration for the Tablo and Roku Ultra is as generic as possible. I’m however not utilizing a hardwired connection but a 5ghz wireless. Thanks again it has been a pleasure.



Thank you for your kind response.

Thanks for your kind words, @GCB. I have my surround sound settings off, so I was unaware of this issue. The tough part troubleshooting is if the audio settings on the Roku are changed either through an update or through a factory reset, the user likely doesn’t know what the original setting was, and that setting is needed for the Tablo to avoid the format issues.