Problems getting connected to a new wifi provider,

we are going to cancel our internet and I got a new smartphone today with unlimited wifi hotspot capability. before I even tried to change anything on tablo, it just stopped. I went to the tablo app on the tv and i keep hitting “Search again” and nothing happens. what do i do?

hello meow meow 57,

Test connectivity via another application/device instead of Tablo app on whatever tv-device (roku?). Sounds like your tv-device (roku?) may have disconnected from your wifi or never attached to it - did you “pair” the roku with your home wifi? To do that, first connect to the roku’s wifi, follow its menu, and it will connect to your home wifi.

A way to test is:
With browser on a wifi client of the hotspot, just try surfing to another web site. Then try same test with a browser on the cellphone itself.