Problem with web app

Is anyone else having problems connecting to the web app?  I haven’t been able to since last night in either Chrome or IE.  It won’t load the connect page.  I have no internet issues.

@cookd, Whenever I cannot connect through the HTML5 app, I click the “delete” button on the connection page.  Then I do a re-scan.  I choose my Tablo from the list and then click the “connect” button.  The Tablo will re-sync and everything works fine.

I just checked now and couldn’t connect, so I followed those steps and connected.

I think that the HTML5 app recently had a version update (0.9.22).

@cookd - You should be using Chrome since we won’t have full support for IE yet, but this morning I’ve been able to connect both locally within the office as well as to my Tablo at home via Tablo connect. 

Check again and if you’re still having issues, let support know. 

I am able to get back on now.  I have only been using Chrome, I just tried IE to see if I would get the same issue.@icampell thank you for the tip if this happens again.

question- on my galaxy s3 I am able to watch recordings but not live tv.  Is this correct?

@cookd - Click on the channel ID not the program on phones using the web-based app. That’ll get you live TV.

It’s not at all intuitive to click on the channel ID to get to live TV; this had stumped me too.  Hopefully this is a bug and not by design.  Should be able to click (tap) on a current show in the grid to watch it live in mobile browser.  Android Chrome in my case.

The latest web app update made completely broke IE support on my end. My Surface and Windows Phone used to display the menu bar and you could load the settings page. But now it connects but loads a blank page. Also for some reason the metro version of IE won’t even connect to the database at all and it never has. I know you don’t support IE yet, just trying to give you some data about it. Thanks,