Problem With Tablo Not Rewinding After Long Pause

I’m new here, so hopefully I’m not asking for help that’s already been discussed a bunch of times before. I did search the topics for this issue, but didn’t find any specific answers, so here we go…

I’ve noticed when I pause a live program for a certain amount of time (maybe more than 10 minutes), then I come back to watch it, if I try to rewind, it won’t go back any farther than where I hit pause. For example, today I paused the program, came back about 10 minutes later (had to feed the pets) and pressed the pause button to take it off of the screensaver (Roku TV) and back to the paused image of the live program. I noticed that the timer on the far left of the blue status bar said 1 hr 27 minutes (that’s how long I guess I had been on the particular channel) so, I tried to rewind back to the beginning, just to see if it would actually take me back nearly 90 minutes on that channel. After I rewinded (rewound?!) all the way back to the beginning of the blue status bar, then pressed play, it actually just started the program from where I paused it. Long way of saying it didn’t rewind at all.

So, is this normal if you leave it paused for too long? Also, how long does the Tablo allow you to pause before it finally releases and just goes back to live programming? I had a Dish DVR before my Tablo, and the Hopper would only allow you to pause or FF or RW for up to one hour. I just don’t know how long it works (or is supposed to work) with Tablo. Thanks!

I think the network connected DVRs save only a buffer of 60 minutes on paused live TV. Hence why you couldn’t go back any further.

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…so, I guess it varies depending which device/app you’re using, yet should have at lest 10 minutes, as for the 1.5hrs there’s always ask-tablo