Problem with One Channel

I am having a very difficult time pulling in WMUR (VHF-Hi 186MHz), the local ABC channel here in New Hampshire. Sometimes Tablo will pick it up and others not. However, the same antenna line plugged directly into my LG TV picks it up crystal clear every time. How can I force Tablo to tune this channel in?

I’m using a yagi antenna in the attic and I’m certain I have it pointed in the right direction. Also have tried slight changes to the direction with still no luck. All the while it continues to come in strong direct to my TV.

The Tablo has a four way splitter for the multiple tuners. There is a slight loss (it is an amplified splitter) so fringe channels (ones that are close to the digital cliff) may be lost. I have two Tablo DVRs, and both perform similarly to the TVs I have (I don’t have channels that are right on the digital cliff).

Indoor antennas lose about 45% of the signal. Attic antennas lose about 25-35% of the signal. Rooftop is the best bet when you have stations near the digital cliff.

In the old analog days, when a channel was weak, it looked like it had “snow” in it. Today, you either have a crystal clear picture, or nothing. There is no middle ground (thus, the “digital cliff”).

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I think you’re right about that. I was able to see the signal strength using my TV’s manual tuning function and the signal strength was mid 40%. I picked up the Antennas Direct ClearStream 5 and the signal is now around 70%. Its now working great with Tablo. Hopefully it’ll last.