Problem with Deleting Large Seasons

I have a few shows that ended up recording the same episodes about 10x a piece. So I have a couple shows that have 300-500 episodes in them. I am trying to bulk delete them by going in and selecting delete all, but am not having much luck. I am trying to do this in both Chrome and Firefox.

Anyone run into this?

How long did you wait? It takes time to delete just one episode after hitting the delete button.

I’ve waited on the screen until it doesn’t have the spinner anymore, returns to be a DELETE button rather than a spinner.

Are said episodes still deleted on other devices such as phone or tablet? These apps sync a bit differently than the website in the Chrome browser.

I just tried to delete them in Safari as well – fresh sync, etc. All episodes were still there for deletion. Same problem, clicked on DELETE ALL, it changes to a spinner and spins for about 10-15 minutes and then returns to be the DELETE button again. I’m trying to view recordings on my iPhone now. Everything is still blank at this point, I guess it is still syncing…

@nickrouty - Odd. What O/S are you using? We’ll check on this today.

Can you also let us know how big your hard drive is and how long the episodes are? (30 min vs. 1 hour)

Let us know what you see on your iPhone once the synch finishes.

I’m on OSX 10.10.3, have tried to delete with Chrome, Safari and Firefox without any luck. Haven’t been able to load up my recordings on iPhone yet, keeps coming up blank.

Recordings are each 30min each, harddrive is 1 2TB, I now have about 800GB free. I was able to delete seasons that had 20-60 episodes, but when it came into the hundreds, I ran into my issue.

@nickrouty - Tx for the detail. We’ve tried to delete 50+ recordings but not several hundred at once.

We’ll check this out today.

I also had a bit of a hang doing a mass delete , but I got distracted with my son doing something he shouldn’t have and I forgot about the delete … by the time I remembered about it and went back to check on it was done … but I dont know how long it actually sat there doing its thing (I didn’t come back for hours … so I dont know how much time it took)

@nickrouty - Can you place a ticket w/ support referring to this thread? We may want to look more closely at your box. Make sure to include your MAC.

@ericgus - Good to know. How many episodes were you trying to ditch?

Probably a hundred or so … was Curious George and my son wasnt really watching them and they were eating space like cops in a donut shop.


Tx for the details!


I’m curious… did mass delete get released on a new version of the firmware? I don’t seem to have this option still and it doesn’t say there are any firmware updates available

The feature was always available on the Tablo side, hence no firmware update. They had to update the UIs, it is not available on the UI accessed via the Chrome browser.

Sent through a ticket, I’ll update once I know more.

I can see it now on my Chrome browser on my PC. I deleted a season (just 13 episodes) and it worked great. I haven’t see it on any other platforms yet.

Did you ever get a fix for this issue? I am having the same issue.

No I didn’t. Support thread just seemed to end on it. I decided to switch to using TiVo Roamio OTA. The interface on the Tablo is still a bit too slow for normal usage. I was hoping that over time it would become an improved experience, but it just takes forever to start watching a recorded show if accessed via Roku, or really anything due to the long sync time (which has never made much sense to me - I don’t understand what all the syncing is doing but it seems overkill for an intro startup to block UI for that long). That, and the UI itself is about a 3-5 second delay between button presses to seeing something happen on the screen.

This issue was just kind of the final nail in the coffin. Not that it was a huge deal in and of itself, but just one of too many issues overall unfortunately. I think this setup has great potential and I am hoping that they can overcome these problems. Until then, the TiVo Roamio OTA is a hard competitor to beat.

@ermTablo - Please send us a ticket. We’ll give you a hand with this