Problem with Apple TV update?

Hi. My app in Apple TV says it was updated 7 hours ago. Now, this morning, after watching two recorded shows, I cannot delete the shows. Up till now, it was as simple as hitting delete and they disappeared. Now, I keep hitting delete and they are still there. Is this a bug? What can I do? Thanks!

That’s odd - we’ve been testing this without any issues.
Has anyone else experienced this?

@marshall Are you able to delete recordings at Do you see any difference if you reboot your Tablo?

From time to time I have issues with the ATV as well.

Tap the TV icon on the ATV remote and then swipe up on all of the loaded app icons you see. Press menu then navigate over to settings->system->restart (NOT RESET). That will reboot the ATV and eliminate any memory leaks and weird app behavior.

My updated app has been running fine.