Problem Resolved, but possible 60 FPS Issue?

My 2-tuner Tablo has been running very well for a few years now, with no reboots or lockups. I have been running on the 720 (5Mbps) recording quality setting (my TV would only do 720). Finally got a new TV so I changed the recording quality to 1080 (720 60FPS) (10Mbps). The very next day after making this setting the Tablo stopped working during the playback of a recorded movie. I won’t go into all the gory details, but after 2 days of trying different things I finally had to do a factory reset to get it to revive (the connect power while holding the reset button method was the only thing that worked). During this whole time Tablo was not accessible - it could not be pinged.

After going through the initial setup I again chose 1080 (720 60FPS) (10Mbps), and as a test I tried play Live TV, I happened to pick a channel that has been broadcasting a lot of Christmas movies (we have been recording a bunch). Tablo comes back with an error, saying something about a bad source signal, and the Tablo restarts (the web connection went away for about 10-15 secs). WTH? I try it again after it comes back, same thing, error - bad source signal and Tablo restarts. This is a channel we have been recording and watching for some time. On a whim I set the recording quality back to 720 (5Mbps), try Live TV again and it worked!

I checked out the details of this channel (ION), and what do you know - it’s a 720 channel. My guess is that the Tablo is/was blowing up when trying to record this at 60FPS. I then changed my recording quality to 1080 (8Mbps), and haven’t had any further problems. My Tablo is back to working like it always did. @TabloSupport I can pull a file from http://yourtabloipaddress:18080/pvr/ if you feel it would be helpful - the last 2 crashes/restarts may have left a log file.

@mbellaire Send a note to our support team - we should be able to grab the logs from our end if this was fairly recent. We haven’t seen any lock-ups as a result of recording quality changes, but better safe than sorry.