Problem live streaming channel 46-1 ION

I am having a problem live streaming channel 46-1 which for me is the ION network. This channel comes in at 720p. My Tablo is set to record at HD 720 - 3 Mbps. My Tablo version is 2.2.16. I am attempting to stream from my Roku stick. When I attempt to live stream 46-1, it pixelates a lot and will eventually go to “Please wait” and then it just gets stuck. The 46 family of channels are the only channels I have this problem with. For example, channel 4-1 CBS comes in at 1080i and I have no problem live streaming that channel or any of my other channels. Just 46 is a problem. I did look at channel 46-1 directly from anntena to TV (no roku) and it comes in perfectly clear. So any thoughts?

@mjremijan It sounds like the 46.x channels are just on the edge of the digital cliff when comparing your Tablo vs your TV. More details on this here.

If the video gets weak enough coming into the Tablo, this can induce loading/buffering messages. Usually, the ultimate fix here is to improve reception for the channels having problems.

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