Problem Establishing Websocket Connection

I’m using via my iPhone (5, IOS 7). I have a 4-band Tablo connected via WiFi - running firmware 2.1.12.

Several times since getting it, as I’m connecting via the web, it hangs, with the message:

Establishing a Websocket Connection"

The only way I’ve determined to remedy this is to hit the reset button.

But it keeps happening.

Anyone else dealing with this? Got any other remedies that don’t require a reset?

This may help but these will be Android phone instructions, you or someone else will need to interpret for an iPhone.

I don’t believe you need to reset your Tablo and interrupt your active recordings.

Basically, Exit the browser and clear it from phone memory, then restart… A pain, but it usually works for me.

Hit the android phone “home” button to exit the browser, press and hold the same button to list running apps, swipe away the chrome browser app, press the home button again to exit. Relaunch the chrome browser… Now it should work.