Problem establishing an authenticated session

Received the above message. Help

Yep same here. Last time this happened, somebody said it was Nuvvyo’s servers:

This started happening last night and I see it’s still happening this morning. On a Windows 11 computer. Works fine on Roku.

I have the same issue with my windows machines. It works fine on my tablets both Android and IOS and my roku.

Same issue issue with Windows 10, Roku works fine.

Same here, on Windows 10 and Chromebook here. (Using Chrome browser 113 on both machines). Haven’t tested yet on Linux box, but suspect changes in the latest Chrome browser.

I also see this error as of yesterday on all my Windows 10 and 11 laptops. Roku and Android are fine.

My money is on some SRE forgetting to update a cert somewhere.

NB to Tablo/Nuvvyo, please check expiration dates on your cert chain! It’s 2023, stuff like this shouldn’t happen.

And my Roku clients are fine, I suspect they do less strict SSL checking, hence they’re unaffected.

Hi everyone. We had an unexpected server issue occur last night that was confined to specific apps such as the Windows and browser webapps, along with Samsung and LG Smart TVs, and Xbox. The problem has since been resolved.

If you are still seeing the same error, try refreshing the page, or in the case of the non-browsers, force closing and reopening the app.

We apologize for the issue, and ask that you let us know here if you are still having any difficulties.


Also verified that on a Windows laptop that has the older version of the Tablo app, it still works. So it seems to be a bug with the current release.