Problem Connecting To Tablo App on Roku TV

I have had my Tablo for a little over a week. I’ve noticed when I first open the app in the morning (I have a Roku TV) it shows a “Connecting To Tablo” screen which eventually fails, stating “Tablo Cannot Be Found”. I keep trying and eventually, it will connect. At first, it only took about two or three tries, but now it takes about a dozen attempts before it finally “finds” the Tablo.
Is this normal? What would be causing this?

Try rebooting (power cycling) your router, Tablo and then Roku TV in that order.

But would I have to do this every time this happens? Seems like a lot of trouble just to watch TV!

I’ve sometimes have this problem but much less frequently than you are getting it. I have it narrowed down, at least in part, to one piece of equipment in my network. I have a Netgear Nighthawk cable modem/router on one side of the house and on the other side of the house I have an ASUS router in Access Point mode connected via ethernet to the Nighthawk. I only get the problem on the Roku connected to the kitchen TV which is connected via WIFI to the ASUS. I swapped the Kitchen TV Roku with a Roku that was connected via WIFI to the Nighthawk. I also swapped the WIFI connections at the same time. Interestingly, the problem stayed on the Kitchen TV, now using a different Roku and now connected to the ASUS. Thus the problem stayed with the ASUS, not the Roku.

What is the make and model of your router? Maybe get a newer more stable router.

Is your Tablo connected via WiFi to your router? If yes, then maybe hard wire the Tablo to your router with an Ethernet cable.

We have a modem/router supplied by AT&T (Model BGW201). The Tablo is in another room about 3 rooms away (maybe 50 feet away). It is connected by WiFi, but I did order a WiFi range extender (Ptp-link) which I just received yesterday. The problem is finding a free outlet to plug this clunky thing into. All of the slot in the power strip are full thanks to the TV, the Tablo, a soundbar, (still using a Dish Hopper until I finally cut the cord) and an antenna extension thing. In order to plug the Tablo directly into the WiFi extender, I’m gonna have to do some major re-arranging in this room!
It’s a lot easier just to keep selecting the OK button to try and find the Tablo. Could this be because the ISP keeps changing? (static vs dynamic - my knowledge of this stuff is more limited than my room space!)

Put your ISP modem in “bridge mode”, which turns off the router function on the ISP modem. Then get a new standalone router with better WiFi. This is likely a better option than using a WiFi extender.

Thanks for your help, theuser86. I think I’ll just keep clicking for the Tablo to find the connection. As long as it finally finds it, it works fine. Just kind of an annoying thing to go through. I’m not a technical guy and I’m on a very limited budget. Buying more equipment is not an option for me right now. Maybe when I win that million dollars from Omaze, though. :wink:

Well the free option is to reboot everything like I said, did you at least do that yet? lol

I’ll probably just wait until it can’t connect again.
I’m a firm believer in if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I just wanted to post a follow-up to this thread. Yes, I did try the rebooting like you suggested, theuser86. I also hooked up my TP-Link WiFi extender next to the Tablo unit (I had to re-arrange a bunch of other cords plugged into that strip to make room for the bulky thing) and this morning, my Tablo connected on the first attempt!
So, either the rebooting worked, or the extender worked. I like this TP-Link, because in addition to extending the WiFi, it also has an ethernet port, so I can plug the Tablo directly into the extender. The channels seem to be loading in faster, now.
I guess we’re allowed to post links in these threads, so here’s a link for the extender:
It was less than $20 bucks and very easy to set up. I would recommend it for anyone hooking up their Tablo in another room away from their router.

Either your Roku or the Tablo is placed far away from the router will cause this behavior.