Prioritize recordings

I record a show that comes on every day. If I miss one that is alright. At times I am trying to record another show and 2 so I can get a conflict. Is there a way to set priorities for the recordings, so that my show that is on every day has a lower priority and if there is too many shows being recorded, it is the one that is not recorded.

The short answer is no. This feature has been requested, but it is currently not available.

I have always wondered how did it figure out which one to not record? I have not had any conflicts recently but have wondered how it picked them.

Isn’t there a high level explanation of FIFO conflict resolution in chapter 5 of the User Guide.

as noted, this frequently requesting option doesn’t exist. It’s not a priority setting, but an “option” is multiple tablos aka more tuners. (although it’s not always an option nor ideal for everyone)

If you know this is happening, the easiest solution is to check the conflicts page at least once a week. Then you can decide which show has priority in a conflict.

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