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Hello, this is my first post. I have had the tablo for 5 days and it looks promising. Anyone else have missing shows in primetime or TV Shows ? I have CTV but Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or Quantico aren’t showing up. I feel like there’s probably more missing.

I do get How to get away with murder so this sounds like a bug.

Hopefully it’s an easy fix. So now do I need to do manual recordings?

I would contact Tablo Support here ( I was having a similar problem with the web app, and they fixed me up. You may try the following instructions first. This is what they recommended for me, but ultimately they had to remote into my Tablo to fix my issue:

Can you try re-syncing your Tablo using the instructions below? Do this on both your Mac and Windows machines.

Let’s start by rebooting your Tablo.
To reboot your Tablo, press and quickly release the blue reset button on the back right of the box.

While the Tablo reboots head over to and resync to your Tablo:

Disconnect from the Tablo. You should be brought to the ‘Connect to Tablo’ screen, select the ‘Tablo’ icon.

You should see a ‘connect’ prompt there. To the right, a red X should be visible. Select the red X and confirm to delete the Tablo from that device. Then select ‘Rescan’ and ‘Connect’ to the Tablo below the 'New Tablo’s header.

I have contacted support waiting to see what they will do. When you hit the reset button do you lose recordings?

You will not lose your recordings if you do a quick press and release of the reset button. If you hold the button down it will do a factor reset which deletes your records.

@Reg1982 We’ve sent a note to our guide data provider, and we’ll have the missing data added shortly!

Scandal was cancel by CTV, you can only see it on us station now. Quantico hasn’t restarted yet, has for Grey’s anatomy I don’t know.

If there’s no airings within the next 2 weeks, it won’t be there.