Preview of Tablo without guide

Is it possible to see how Tablo will look if I don’t purchase the guide? I am still in the trial period and I’m not going to cut the cable so I’m not sure I will need the guide.

You get the 24 hour Live TV grid / guide without a subscription. No 14 day guide data available to you to search for future shows.

All your recordings will have to be scheduled manually, like how you’d do it with a VCR. So you’d have to know when shows aired and on what channels.

No remote streaming available without the sub. See link below.

I think I understand all that except I didn’t know I would still see the 24 hour Live TV grid. I just want to see how it will look/work if I don’t get the guide before my trial ends so I’m ready to make a decision at that time.

Temporarily unlink your Tablo from your Tablo account.
You may need to reboot the Tablo, for the unlinking to take affect on the Tablo.

3 Tablos eh? Nice!

That won’t work since they’re still on a trial. The only way to disable would be to contact support.

However, the link @theuser86 shared above does explain exactly what you get/don’t get with a subscription.

But to the OP - just imagine a Tablo where you have a grid guide and have to set recordings by date/time/channel. There won’t be any cover art, guide screens, or filters.

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If the user is planning on keeping the tablo and is only concerned about what the grid looks like without a subscription why don’t they just wait until the 30-day trail expires and they will then know.

It’s not like the length of time it takes to activate a subscription is the time it takes to travel to the next galaxy.

Of course there may be some 30-day return policies being leveraged.

Ok it sounds a little more involved than I want to hassle with at this time. I’ll just wait to see what it looks like when the trial expires.

As an explanation, I only bought a Tablo because my cable subscriber was in a dispute with the provider of Fox and CW which are available OTA. I could get them on my TV using antenna input but I missed the DVR. Of course they have settled now so I have all the channels again. I don’t intend to get rid of cable because I watch many programs on cable networks and I love a DVR so I can skip commercials.

Thanks for the input.

I think tablo is the superior DVR and own multiple units.

But I suspect the vast majority of users buy a subscription. And since tablo has many apps that are constantly getting updates it’s probably hard to properly describe this functionality on all the various devices and OS’s. Tablo is in the business of selling subscriptions and it’s not in their interest to fully document it versus document all the other functionality.

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The 3 could be photoshopped in, but, yeah, it’s really 3. :slight_smile:

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Then you should make them work the same way.
Reading a description of what’s gonna happen isn’t the same as seeing it.
I’m from Missouri, show me.

Why would 3 tablos in the same location be unusual? And I can think of any number of cities in California where if you ask someone to “show me” you might be surprised at the results…

The only thing I find unusual is you can resist the urge to rename your Tablos.
At least change them to Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3.

It’s just the order in which I purchased them.

And since two of them are the same OG model, I resisted using the names of the women from the early James Bond movies.