Premiering show data incorrect on guide feed

When using the web app and selecting tv shows then premiering I am seeing a lot of shows that premiered weeks and even months ago. For instance battle creek,the following,the last man on earth and secrets and lies. Is everyone else seeing this problem also. The guide feed must be incorrect? 

Looks ok to me

@a9erfan They could be ‘premiering’ on a specific channel. If channel ‘A’ is just receiving a show for the first time that channel ‘B’ has had for a few days, it could cause some confusion. Or are you seeing these inaccuracies on all the same channel(s)?

No these are not on multiple or new channels… Here is one example as you can see this show is on the 6 showing and not a premier. 

The Following

Crime, Drama, Suspense 1 Season 1 Episode REC ALL REC NEW
First Aired:  Jan 21, 2013       Running Time: 1 hour

The FBI calls on Ryan Hardy, a former agent with physical and emotional scars, when Joe Carroll, a notorious serial killer he apprehended years earlier, escapes from death row. Carroll, an English professor and novelist fixated on Edgar Allan Poe, mutilated and killed 14 women before he was imprisoned. Hardy and the FBI learn that while be was incarcerated, Carroll spent his time gathering a collection of cultlike followers. The recruits prove themselves willing to commit murder, facilitate abductions, and even sacrifice themselves in order to help Carroll with his deadly objectives and achieve his ultimate goal — to exact revenge on Ryan Hardy.

Season 3
NEW   Reunion
Mon, Mar 30  9:00 PM10:00 PM

Did you ever figure out what the problem is? Still seeing but less. The following,last man on earth and Battle creek are 3 examples.