Premiering Page Not Working - Guide Data Issue?

Several shows that should be appearing in the Premiering filter are not for me. Examples are “Mr. Mayor”, “Keenan”, “Young Rock”, “I Can See Your Voice”, and maybe more. Some appear to have the wrong season shown for the upcoming season premiere. “Mr. Mayor”, “Keenan” and “Young Rock” do not have an episode number so maybe they’re more of a special but “I Can See Your Voice” has an episode number. Perhaps this is limited to the Minneapolis market, Are others seeing this issue?

The only show I have as premiering is dynasty. A few days ago I can hear your voice was marked as premiering but the entries under season 2 also had a replay of a season 1 show in it. that’s been cleaned up.

But if you had turned on recording for these shows I would watch to make sure it stays on. When the correct episode number appears in the guide the new metadata may turn off your record options or like la brea episode 2 metatdata didn’t have it marked as new.

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In Premiering on the Windows 10 app and the Android TV app, I see Dynasty and a couple of PBS shows. This is what I see on both apps…

I too am missing Mr. Mayor and another one I know I have set to record tonight that is a brand new series is American Auto on NBC…


I always thought that Premiering was for brand new shows only, not new seasons of existing shows.

I thought it was both actually, but even if its just brand new shows, American Auto is exactly that.

Like @bbaorbb said regarding Mr. Mayor though, at least American Auto is being promoted as a “preview” so I wonder if something is different in the guide, specifically whatever Tablo is using to identify it as premiering.

Good point, maybe @TabloTV will chime in to explain the logic.

My guess is that Tablo just reads the flags set by Gracenote and Gracenote is not properly flagging these as premiering.

Here is an extract from APLTablo (thanks @LJ_LongWing ) for the items I think should be flagged as Premiering. You could argue the E00 might be excluded but they probably are the season premieres.

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Wondering if the Premiering tab should also include the “pilot” tag. Evidently it does not include “season_premiere”.

Unfortunately the pilot tag only exists in APLTablo, all the other tags are native to Tablo.

The pilot tag was added at my request to APLTablo to identify the very first episode of a show no matter how old, so items flagged with a pilot tag are often not premiering.

Isn’t the data tablo displays in the guide just the readable form of the metadata that gracenotes down loads during the overnight guide update. And isn’t the gracenotes metadata just the data that it shipped by the various stations and networks?

Agreed, but I think the problem is not on the station level per se, but more on a national level. Either multiple national broadcasters are delivering wrong information to their local affiliates that are passing that on to Gracenote or more likely the data is being mismanaged by Gracenote and passed on to Tablo. Ultimately I think it’s Gracenote’s issue to fix. @TabloTV - Is someone looking into this (likely data quality) issue? Have you reached out to Gracenote?

Edit: I should have said that the national broadcasters may have sent the Season/Episode numbers incorrectly - maybe Gracenote can help address that but I believe Gracenote is not applying the season_premiere tag correctly.

Yep! We’re on it.

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Even if you don’t count sub-channels the U.S. probably has well over 1,000 commercial television stations that could be supplying gracenotes data. I’m sure gracenotes has an army of elves and cobblers making sure that all the incoming data is perfect.