Forgive me if this has been asked, but why are tv shoes that have been on for years showing as “Premiering” in the guide? They should just be under “new” right? Premiering and New seem like duplicated categories now. I’d like to know what shows are coming on in the fall season that have never been on before. I don’t think the guide was like this last year. Did I miss something?

It’s been behaving differently for me over the past few weeks… it used to be that under premiering, there were very few, brand new shows. Lately, in addition to displaying upcoming brand new shows, it’s also displaying returning and perhaps other shows.

I generally schedule shows in the Chrome browser, and I don’t think that it’s been updated, so maybe something changed in the way shows are being tagged.

Premiering means that the start of a new season is happening. The list is huge right now because so many seasons start at this time.

Exactly. Premiering is BRAND NEW shows and shows that are airing their first episode of the season.

New is an episode from any show at any point that has never aired (not reruns).

My misunderstanding then. I always thought a Premier was a show that was never on before, as in a brand new series. I’ll have to find another way to figure out what the brand new shows are. LOL

@MsMetaP - All the brand new ones will be there as well. There’s also a handy list that we shared last week in our newsletter:

Thanks! I wonder why I’m not getting your newsletter anymore. :disappointed:

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