PPV stations...anyone getting these?

Out of Austin I can sometimes pick up Houston stations. I have Homeworx PVR. On channel 49.1 is ION, but on 49.11 through 49.19 they are PPV. Only the audio is played, the screen is black and there is a $ sign on the banner . Just wanted to know if anyone has seen this in other parts of the country.

Congratulations! You found Airbox

@lpj1263 Airbox is similar to satellite TV except you get the channels from an OTA antenna instead of a satellite dish. It’s only available in a few markets right now, Houston being one of them. You get all your local OTA stations plus premium movie channels like Showtime, Epix and Starz plus some Pay-Per-View (PPV) events. You need an Airbox account and a Airbox receiver to decode the Airbox channels. Receivers are about $100 and Receivers with DVR are under $200.

Airbox Receiver at BestBuy

Airbox Receiver with DVR at BestBuy

Where in zAustin? I can sometimes receive them like with the dense fog. I don’t put them on the Tablo because I can’t count on them always being there. What antenna? Indoors our out?

I have a Clearstream 2V and a RCA yagi. Aiming them from Mustang Ridge to Missouri City (Houston) is 158 miles away. I can sometimes pick up most of those stations but not at a high percentage and only at certain times of the day.

The subs out of Houston are pretty much the same as Austin or San Antonio. They have The Works and H&I which I don’t care about having but have Decades which I would like.

Airbox (thanks CJ, I googled it) doesn’t seem worth it. Starry, a new Internet from the Aereo people, looks cool but is probably years away.