Powerline 1000 - first time Tablo hookup

Hi…Trying to cut the cable…I’m new at this…have had cable for so long it’s like I’m brain dead LOL
Anyway, my router is about 20’ from my TV, and the antenna (indoor) is by the TV.

I have a Tablo, a Powerline 1000, indoor antenna, a Roku, a 3 USB switchbox and a Sony BluRay player.
As I understand it, I would plug a Powerline into a wall outlet behind the TV, run ethernet from the powerline to the Tablo, and then connect my network to the Powerline wirelessly, and that would connect the Tablo… am I right?
If so, do I follow the wired setup guide, or the wireless??
Then I connect wirelessly to the Roku and BluRay…and plug each into the switchbox?
I don’t understand how this all get it’s signal…I clearly need help!
I’m going to try this tomorrow, and will check into the Community in the morning (CDT).
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!

What I would do with your setup is plug the non-wifi Powerline adapter by your router and use ethernet to connect them. Then plug the wifi Powerline adapter by your TV and Tablo, and use ethernet between the Tablo and Powerline.

To set up the Tablo, use the wired method from your phone or computer (can’t do it from the Roku). Since the Tablo is connected through the Powerline adapters, it should see it as part of the network.

You can then connect your Roku and BluRay wirelessly to your network.

I am not sure what you need the USB switchbox for. Just connect the Roku and BluRay players to your TV set via HDMI (if possible).

Oh right…I forgot there are 2 Powerline units in the box. But you said the non-wifi and wifi units…they look exactly the same to me.
And of course…I forgot, the Roku and BluRay are already connected to the network (see what I mean about brain dead? LOL)
A few last questions… to control the Tablo, do I just get the app on my phone, tablet, computer…whatever?
And I should setup the Powerlines first, connect them to the network, and then hookup the Tablo, etc? And then the hard drive into the USB port?

Thanks so much for your help!!

oh…I thought of one more question… do I reformat (or format) the hard drive thru the Tablo or on my computer ahead of time? And do I format for Fat32, or something else?

You want the connection between the tablo and the network to be as fast as possible. The ideal location is sticking the tablo on the router. If you have your tablo next to the TV, you are doing it wrong.

If having it directly connected to the router via ethernet is not possible, use a wire line ethernet connection, NOT the wifi plug. Wifi is the last resort. You are forcing your wifi to do double duty if you have the tablo on wifi.

Ethernet to ethernet via powerline is seemless, just plug and play.

And your tablo will require that it formats the hard drive, I do not believe it uses fat, but a linux file system.

Some Powerline 1000 units are a wi-fi extender as well as a powerline adapter. If they look the same, then you don’t have the wi-fi extender version (which is fine since it isn’t that far away from your router).

Thanks snocat…I hooked it up as you suggested. Works OK, The network connection is solid, but I have ordered a new outdoor antenna…that should help matters a great deal.