Power Supply Considerations

Many posts across numerous topics have recommended replacing the power supply as a potential remedy. These have ranged from disk issues, network issues, reception issues, and other “quirky” problems. I have made the recommendation myself having replaced my original power supply with one had had laying around the house.

Recently I have been plagued with some weird network issues where I couldn’t connect to Tablo from any client but I could ping it. The only thing that worked was to reboot the Tablo and then unplug it for several seconds. I tried switching from ethernet to Wi-Fi and there was no change in behavior so I decided to yet again replace my power supply. I looked for another one lying around and could not find a suitable replacement. I next looked at the specs and what is available online (via Amazon) and weighed what I found against ordering a new one from Tablo. I ultimately went with one from Amazon as I decided to get a 3 Amp power supply so there is power in reserve if necessary.

I am happy to report that since I put this new power supply into service I have not seen a recurrence of my weird network issue. If others are having any issues where it could be the power supply you could consider buying the same one I purchased (link below).


Thanks for sharing!
Luckily mine has been rock solid with the original power supply. Power supplies are a relatively common issue for lots of devices. That’s the first thing I check because it’s usually easy and I’ve replaced a few. They are the first thing to get hit by any kind of surge so it makes sense they fail first a lot of the time.

EDIT: I was wondering if your hard drive is powered. I have heard sometimes that draws extra power the Tablo can’t handle.

Yes. When I first replaced my power supply I also replaced my hard drive that was powered via the USB connected to my Tablo with a hard drive that is externally powered.

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Just a thought - it’s possible you can use one of the likely “phone chargers” (or similar device) you have laying around, to power an external drive. Many power strips have USB ports now.

If you want to off-load power from your tablo’s power supply in the hopes of saving it(?). If you were otherwise happy with your drive, it may be an option.

I have routers, network switches, streaming boxes, drives, etc - never had an external power supply issue… including my 2 tablo’s. I find it odd how many users have struggles with these, yet they do. I have had a couple or more PC power supplies take a dump.

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