Power outage last night

Power outage last night. In Florida it’s a common occurrence in the summertime. Tablo would not reconnect. Hit the reset button and would not reconnect after restart. . Would only reconnect after unplugging the thing and restarting. Is this an ongoing issue?

You didn’t say if the tablo is connect to the router either wired or WiFi. And if wired if it’s initial connection is via a switch or direct connection to the router.

how does a power outage differentiate from unplugging unit?

  • Confirm tablo not connected to network as indicated by state of blue light, or other devices not connecting to tablo

I’ve heard…

The original question was the reset button versus unplugging.

So let’s assume the connection to the router is wired.

The reset button may not be a full power up reboot that resets all the chips, including the ethernet, on the motherboard. It might just be a fast reboot.

If you tablo is wire connected to a switch, the switch may come up before the router and tablo. And the tablo may come up before the router.

In this senario tablo detects that the link is up and starts the UDP DHCP discovery protocol. Depending on the location of the DHCP server it may not be up before tablo starts the discovery protocol. The UDP message is lost.

It’s up to tablo to determine DHCP discovery retry timeout.

I live in an area that infrequently has power outages. So I’ve only seen this once and that was because the powerline adapters didn’t properly intialize after a power failure. But I could see that the Roku and hdhomerun on the same switch appeared to be retrying every 20-30 seconds. tablo was not. And when the powerline adapter came back on line the roku and hdhomerun obtained an IP address and came back online. tablo required a powerup.

But that’s been around 2 years ago.

Connected via WiFi. After power came back on I just got a flashing blue and Roku app couldn’t connect even though the Roku TV had WiFi. After reset button, it rebooted and still flashing blue. Unplug and replug then it finally connected.

The simple solution is to have all electronic equipment served from UPS’s. I currently have 5 - 1500 VA units powering my desktop computer, TVs, TV distribution amps, antenna preamp, DSL modem, Router, switches, Tablos, streaming devices, Bluray players, cordless phone systems and my CPAP. I also have a whole house generator which kicks in 10 to 15 seconds after loss of utility power.

You don’t have to go this extreme, but having UPS’s powering at least your modem, router, switches and Tablo will eliminate a lot of connection problems and will ride you through short outages.

Very short blips in power, not long enough for some electronics to do a full reset. At least once a week in summer we get a blip that causes my backup generator to start up, but the power is back before it’s actually running.

I’m also in Florida, in the thunderstorm capital of the world…

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Kinda defeats the purpose of buying a cheap DVR.

But when the storms come, I don’t have to worry about not being able to watch the weather reports and here in OK we need to keep a close watch on tornadoes, sever thunderstorms and flash flooding.