Power loss = reset required = unhappy customer

I had a temporary power loss for less than a second tonight and right after that the Tablo was unreachable via the web or Roku app.  I could still access the box on port 80 to get the “Nuyvvo Tablo Server” message so I know connectivity wasn’t a problem but the blue light was constantly flashing and the only thing that managed to resolve it was a hard reset.

Given that there’s no power button I’m not sure how a power outage and simply unplugging the unit would differ too much.

On the plus side it looks like it remembered which channels I had previously selected although I’m not sure why it had to make me rescan them all again just to add the ones back in it already knew I had.

On the down side, it is in the process of downloading the schedules all again, which means I can’t use the web app for 10-20 minutes.  Polished consumer devices aren’t supposed to require this level of hand holding.

I really really do want to like the Tablo but right now the poor UI on Roku (which I know you’ve hired a developer for so that should be improved), some really quirky features (like asymmetric port forwarding configurations, ridiculously long channel tune in times) and lack of some other features (channel name editing, picture in picture viewing while looking at the schedule, favorite channels, channel up/down in Roku app while watching live TV - you know, the kinda basic TV functions you’d expect if you were watching on a regular TV with a tuner) along with the fairly steep price for a unit that doesn’t have any storage really holds me back from recommending this to any friends just yet.  

Right now it’s in pretty good beta condition, but just not quite there.  I wanna sign up for the lifetime subscription service but just not feeling it just yet, sorry.

Urgh… ok, I mispoke, it didn’t remember the channels I had previously set.  I don’t know why it had the channels set that it had, they weren’t what I had previously.

Also, in both the web app and Roku there are duplicate channel entries, the exact same channel (e.g. two “7-1”).  About half a dozen duplicates. Aye aye aye!

Sounds like a one off, I’ve had the power go out and the Tablo boot up with no issues. Works perfectly.

My recommendation is you factory reset the Tablo and restart from the beginning. Yes it’s unfortunate but it’s a new product, has bugs to work out.

@virtualuk Yikes, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time.

A few things I’d like to address…

- By ‘hard reset’ do you mean that you held down the reset button for a few (7+?) seconds? Or did you just remove the power? Holding down the power button would induce a factory reset. Alternatively, if the Tablo was writing to the disk and you pulled the power, this could lead to some firmware errors which could muck things up.

- I know this doesn’t help you now, but believe me - we’re working on pretty much everything you’ve mentioned: Roku UI, tune times, port forwarding, etc.

- In regards to your duplicate channels: try doing a channel scan from the Settings menu. Path is Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan > Add to guide. Do you still have duplicates?

If you continue to have issues, feel free to send me a note directly.

Hard reset - I had to hold the reset button for 7+ seconds.


With respect to “Alternatively, if the Tablo was writing to the disk and you pulled the power, this could lead to some firmware errors which could muck things up.” - if there’s no power button on the unit and there’s no power off option in the GUI how would one know if it’s being written to at that exact moment you decide to pull the cord because for example you want to move the unit from one location at home to a different spot?  Seems like the potential for corruption is like playing Russian roulette.

So I now have a new additional issue - Tablo Connect seems to work from my laptop browser. My phone browser that used to work however is a different matter(HTC One (M7) running Chrome).  It shows the channel line up along with the populated guide grid, I select a channel to watch but instead of playing the channel I get the message “Player Error Channel does not exist”… odd seeing as it does exist and can be accessed via my laptop browser.  


Removing the power to any device while it’s writing to a disk can lead to corruption and firmware errors - I was just trying to narrow down where this seemed to go wrong. It doesn’t sound like the case for you though, as you did a factory reset of the Tablo instead. I’m not blaming you - it sounds like you didn’t really have a choice.

If you don’t delete the ‘client side’ of the Tablo when you do a factory reset, it can lead to issues like this. Use the ‘Disconnect’ prompt from the Tablo web app (on your phone) and select the ‘Delete Tablo’ option in the main ‘Connect to Tablo’ screen.

You’ll have to re-sync from here, so keep in mind that if you’re remote you won’t be able to do this. You should be able to play video once your back up.

LOL - uh huh, I figured the only way to progress with this one my phone was what you described and found out the hard way about not being able to do that remotely.  What’s odd though is that I don’t recall having to do anything like that for my laptop and yet it is working remotely.

I keep mine on a battery backup along with my network switch, Verizon Network Extender, and soon-to-be-gone DirecTV box. This particular one sits behind the TV in the living room. 

I probably have 10 battery backups around the house just to keep things running (sump pump, Asus WiFi router, Cable Modem, Drobo Storage Array, and so on).

LOL - a $300 consumer unit that’s bring-your-own-storage, shouldn’t require you to also bring-your-own-disaster-recovery-plan too for something as simple as transactional writes to a file system.  Consistent file systems have been a staple of most OS’s now for over a decade, this isn’t rocket science any more, just poor implementation.

Pwer was off today and I missed my show.  But Tablo was up and working without any problems after.