Potential new customer: Can I use the Tablo to stream OTA signal from 1 antenna?

About to cut the cord and looking at DVRs. This device interests me. Since its networked (wired/wireless) can I use it to broadcast the antenna from the single HD antenna I have or it only streams recorded content?

If so what would I do, use the app?

Wondering if I would need an antenna for each TV (dont want to run coax all over the place).

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Only one antenna is needed! You connect your antenna to the networked Tablo device (make sure that you do not get one of the HDMI units) and then you load the Tablo app onto your Roku, Smart Phone, Tablet, PC (web browser), etc. and you can stream anything from your Tablo to it (including live TV).

Depends on what you mean by “Broadcast”. You can only stream as many channels as the Tablo has tuners, so if you want 4 TVs to each watch a different channel, then you need a 4 tuner Tablo, and so on. There’s also a limit on how many total streams the Tablo can handle, and that depends on how the client devices (TVs or streamer boxes) are connected. Ethernet can handle more streams than Wifi.

As noted, it may be semantics, tablo doesn’t “broadcast”. You can watch programs on up to 6 devices (with various limits in specific situations) combinations of live (broadcast) TV and recorded content.

This is mixed. One antenna can work for multiple TVs and tablos… but you’d need coax to do it. I have 3 TVs and 2 tablo’s - 1 old antenna. Everyone’s setup is very specific to what they need and available to them in their location.

Don’t let anyone scam you about “HD Antennas” or “digital TV” antennas. All antennas work with HD and digital. If you haven’t bought an antenna yet have a look at Antenna mans channel.