Post processing NEVER occurs


Whenever 3 shows are recorded while using a 4th tuner for viewing, the “post processing” for thumbnails NEVER happens. We always attempt the quick reboot and it’s never successful. I can’t believe there’s a hard error in one of the recordings every time 4 tuners are in use. Also, we try the reboot when all 4 tuners are idle…NEVER is it successful. Any ideas? Does this work for others?


I would cause the issue on multiple channels or all your channels and then open a ticket.

I have multiple 2-tuner tablos and see it around 20% of the time. Maybe they will actually figure it out. I loved it when the NCAA basketball playoffs had back to back games on CBS and the first one had thumbnails and the second one didn’t

And since commercial skip is dependent on successful completion of thumbnails, I’ll kiss that feature goodbye and use Plex for commercial skip


What recording quality is your Tablo set to? Is it 1080p 10 Mbps 720p@60 fps?

If yes, then this would be why. The 4th tuner is unavailable with 3 recordings at this highest quality setting. See post below.


While mine is 720/60, the recordings quality is not important for this problem. As tablo support has indicated, at reboot any recordings that have unprocessed thumbnails will be scheduled for thumbnail processing.

Or maybe you are implying that tablo can’t properly process various quality settings and incorrectly marks the recording as has having errors.


I just meant for the OP’s specific situation, if you have 3 shows recordings and then they are completed recording, but immediately after completion you have another 3 shows recordings then there is no free 4th tuner to process the completed recordings.

Also from the way the OP worded it, it sounds like they expect the thumbnails to be generated while the recording is occurring. That’s not the case, thumbnails are only generated after the entire recording is completed. If tuners are still in use after completion then there will be no thumbnails generated.


the “post processing” for thumbnails NEVER happens. We always attempt the quick reboot and it’s never successful.

“Also, we try the reboot when all 4 tuners are idle…NEVER is it successful”


I’m not sure how this works, but it uses a tuner for post processing. Presuming all finish at the same time, 3 should supposedly be free. Just speculating, each won’t finish exactly the same time as the processor sees it. Maybe it’s algorithm isn’t giving one a few milliseconds to finish up or how to process 3 shows.

Of course, none of this means much to you, sorry. Just pointing out it needs a free tuner before it process thumbnails.


It will be easier for me to reply to everyone that responded with this comment. Recording is set for “recommended”…720 5mbs. If anyone thinks that is the issue please let me know. I understand everything else! 3 tuners used for recording while the 4th for viewing a recording…I KNOW nothing will be processed while all are busy. No, I don’t have 3 recording immediately after there were 3 recording. Post processing should take place when the 3 are finished…there IS a tuner available then. BUT it appears that whenever we record 3 (and are using the 4th) one of the recordings does not get processed! As I mentioned in the original post: I doubt that every time there is a recording with a hard error, which is supposedly when processing will not occur. When I notice we have a recording that was not processed I make sure NO tuners are in use and do a reboot. The reboot has never been successful. I hope that was a little “more clear”. OH: we’re at 2.2.24.


Well if after the 3 recordings are complete and you’ve waited 10-15 minutes and there are still no thumbnails generated, then that’s a problem. As to why? None of us know. Open a Support Ticket with Tablo Support and they can check your logs and tell you why.

Maybe you found a bug they can fix.


Thanks for the response! I guess I will have to open a ticket. I might force 3 recordings and make sure the 4th is in use…:slightly_smiling_face: or 4 recordings-rather than wait for the next 3 recording time. I know this should have no effect, but I changed to 1080, etc.