Possible source of 404 and 502 errors?

My Tablo sits in a home 75 miles from here where there is television reception. I am located in a place where there is no television reception. The use case is that I get to watch live TV and recordings despite being in a place with no television reception.

Pretty often what I will do is click on a recording 10-20 minutes after it has begun. The idea of course is that this will (a) permit me to see the show the same day that it is broadcast and (b) permit me to skip the occasional commercial or back up to catch something that I missed.

So the natural question is … what happens if I click the “forward 30 seconds” button at a time when (a) recording is still going on and (b) there is not 30 seconds worth of recorded material waiting to be viewed? In a well designed system (e.g. DirecTV DVR) the result is simply that I can’t actually jump forward 30 seconds. Instead the playback jumps forward as far as it can (maybe ten seconds) and from that point forward the playback is more or less real time.

I can then pause the playback and go do something for a few minutes and come back after a buffer of unviewed material has accumulated … and once again I can skip commercials as desired.

But what happens on the Tablo?

As far as I can see, with the Tablo, if I try to jump forward 30 seconds at a time when (a) there is still recording going on and (b) there is not 30 seconds of not-yet-viewed material to be watched, then the result is a crash. I get a 404 error or a 502 error.

And then there is no restoring normalcy to the situation. You might think I could pause for a while and then click “play” and that might fix things. No, the entire record-and-playback situation seems to be out of control. You might think I could go back to the program guide and click on “record” again and at least salvage a portion of the remaining program for future viewing. No, not as far as I can see.

This sort of thing has blown up in my face on the Tablo often enough that I hesitate to do a demo for any potential new Tablo purchaser.

What are you using as the client? Web browser? Roku? NP?

Tablo app on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

@oppedahl This case should be handled in the app, but it sounds like you’re able to reproduce it - we’re looking at this internally now.

I just received the 404 error on my Amazon FireTV stick. I thought is was maybe related to my upgrade to beta today, but maybe not.