Possible small bug in unscheduling a show? iOS app

After I have unscheduled a show, as in removed it from my scheduled recordings, the Tablo remembers the advanced recordings options for the show such as which channel I had originally set it to record from. Please see screenshot below where the channel CFTO was not deleted / erased after unscheduling Designated Survivor.

Was this intended? I assumed when deleting a scheduled show it would clear all the settings associated with it.

This is from the iOS app on an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 12.

FYI Season 3 of DS is coming to Netflix soon!

@TabloSupport Any verification on this?


Having the same icloud issue here. Need to know if theres any solution for it. Thanks in advance.


This is working as intended, specifically so you could tweak the advanced options without yet scheduling the show.

There is a ‘Rest to Defaults’ option for this to remove the settings if need be.

It’s something we can debate changing but there is method to the madness :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! Seems a little counter intuitive, but at least I get the reasoning behind it.