Positioning of Table to Antenna

I’ve not yet made the commitment to TabloTV. I waiting for the Apple TV app to be released. I do have a simple question however, which is more important:

  1. … having the Tablo close to the antenna or,
  2. … having the Tablo physically connected to the router?

My gateway connection and router are in the basement. If all goes as planned, I would have my Tablo and HD on the first floor connected to the indoor antenna. I’ve tried connecting my HDTV to an old pair of rabbit ears and am able to get 38 stations. However, in this scenario, the Tablo would be connected wirelessly to the router.



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I have my Tablos on the 3rd Floor… the highest possible indoor location for my antennas.
My router is in the basement, along with my business Desktop, printer etc

So… before you go to the trouble of moving your router, you might want to consider using ethernet adapters to get the internet signal from your basement to your Tablo.

Click on my Icon to see my configuration.


Tablo wired to router. My wireless Nexus Player is close to router. Outdoor antenna 35 ft from Tablo connected through triple shielded coax.
Rock solid reception on approximately 100 channels in L.A. area of which I’ve programmed 25 on Tablo guide.

Depends on your router. If it has wireless AC then wireless might be OK. I run my Tablo wireless and my players are wireless too. You or anyone going to be using Internet or Tablo at the same time?

Probably, … someone might be on their iPad at the same time.

Optimally, both, but…
Antenna location is most important.
Poor signal won’t improve no matter how good everything else is.

Remember th ed Tablo has a 4 way splitter internal, so you need great signal.

I would think closest to the antenna and wired to the router is the best way to go… Or as close to this as possible…

@Renator - Today’s blog post may be helpful for you: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/tablo-faqs-where-should-i-place-my-tablo/

Thank you. This was/is helpful. Still holding off on making the purchases (Tablo and HD) until there is an Apple TV app and have seen some reviews.