Ports for browser proxy when remote viewing


Due to security restrictions, I must use a proxy in order to view my tablo while remote. I have proxied the three ports that remote connect is using on my Tablo. However, it still doesn’t work. What DOES work is to proxy ALL browser ports through the proxy. My question is this-- what port(s) does the Tablo use when making a connection back to the Tablo so I know which ones to proxy via my web proxy?

  1. What device are you using to connect remote? Just a computer and using the my.tablotv.com website through the Chrome browser? Or is a iPhone or Android web app? Or the iPad app?
  2. What are you using to set up your proxy? What is the server software? Any particular software you’re using on the client side? Or just the proxy settings in the said web browser?

I’m using Chrome with foxy proxy. It’s just a socks proxy and if I forward all browser activity through the proxy, it works. If I forward just the my.tablotv.com:{ports}, it does not work. My guess is that I am not forwarding the correct ports through the proxy.

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