Ports changed

I had remote access all set up and working for my Tablo complete with port forwarding. Yesterday we had a brief power outage at the house. Remote devices would not connect after that. I checked the Tablo settings and it was saying I needed to do manual setup. I thought that odd since the port forwarding was already set up and I know the router was working since other forwards I have set up were still working. So I pulled up the router settings to see if I could spot the problem. I noticed the external ports I had set were now different than what the Tablo wanted. I changed them on the router and all was well again.

Is there any way to lock these in on the Tablo so they don’t change? 

The ports changed from 3xxxx to 2xxxx about 3-4 firmware updates ago. It kept the old ports if Tablo Connect was already turned on. If you turned it off and then back on, the Tablo wanted new ports. Reason for change was some ISP modem / routers blocked one of the ports in the 3xxxx range. Ports will stay locked from now on.

Do you have DHCP reservation enabled on your router so your Tablo always gets the same internal IP?

For me they switched from 2124x to 2104x. And yes I have the internal IP reserved and it did not change. 

I have to wonder if part of my problem is the Tablo doesn’t know what ports to really use. It had the IP address wrong originally - no kidding!
It has ALWAYS had but it had some other weird address indicated that has never been on my network. Makes me wonder if the reason I can’t get mine to work remotely is that it’s asking for the wrong ports since it had the IP address wrong originally. 

Mine is asking for 2110x type ports.  One has always been “green” and the others are red no matter what I do.