Port triggering for remote hell

I initially had this working fine. Then my router from Rogers ( Hitron CODA-4582u)died and the new one is giving me issues setting up port forwarding. Oddly the new router gave the Tablo a new static IP. This is a grab of Tablo settings showing the configuration it wants.

So I went into the router and set the appropriate port.

But when I go to create a rule with the selected ports, this happens.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? UnPnP is on.

If UPnP doesn’t work than turn it off.

You can’t have it on and do manual port forwarding at the same time.

You need to set up two rules.

According to your Tablo DVR, the first rule should have a Public Range of 21358-21358 and Private Range of 8887-8887 and the second one a Public Range of 21357-21357 and Private Range of 80-80.

i’ll give it a try

UNPNP off. No difference. Should I be changing services header to something?

In the background I see that you already have a rule that covers that Port Range.

You need to delete that rule.

Yeah that did it. Thanks for your patience.

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I do.

Yeah some one else suggested that too. So I did. Problem solved.

For the same device?

I kinda thought it was one single port forward for port 80 and a separate one for 8887 - no range grouping them into one setting?

I’m talking about the router.
I have both uPnP, and manual port forwarding enabled on the router.
Devices that work with uPnP function properly.
Devices requiring manual port forwarding function properly.

I was talking about having both UPnP and Port forwarding active for the same device.

Short answer, is yes.

If UPnP is enabled at the router, then it’s enabled for all devices that work with UPnP on the network.
Port forwarding is device specific, based on the device’s local network IP address, the public port, and the private port.
Both UPnP, and port forwarding can be enabled on the same router.
The router will use port forwarding for a device, if defined.
The router will use UPnP for that same device, if the device can utilize UPnP, and a different port forwarding rule is not already defined.