Port forwarding Verizon Fios

Hello all! New user here trying to configure remote viewing. I have setup port forwarding for a slingbox but for some reason I cannot for the life of me get it to work correctly. I spend a good deal of time with Fios support whom even RDC to my machine and added the ports. The following are screen grabs of the setup. Any help would be great as I want to pony up the lifetime price but I need it to work remotely of course.

ah nvm, I seriously am an idiot. For the record try the following if you are on their Quantum Gateway router.

1 Log into router, turn off uPnP, > log out of router
2 log into Tablo turn off remote access > close app (android close all apps)
3 Log back into Router, enable uPnP
4 log into tablo and re attempt remote access
5 presto it worked

For the record I think it is because of previous port forwarding I attempted but failed.