Port Forwarding for Tablo Connect - driving me crazy


I’ve been trying to set up port forwarding for Tablo Connect for months.

Here’s what Tablo is telling me to do:

And here’s what I’ve done on my Verizon FIOS router:

I think I have the Tablo address correct, and I think I have all the port numbers correct. Tablo doesn’t like it, though, and still asks me to reconfigure manually. Can someone please help?

Thank you!

@MarkPekala - Pop a note over to our support team. They’re happy to help out: http://bit.ly/TabloTVHelp

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try to reverse the number and see if it work. TCP 8887 -> 21101…

When you figure it out be sure to also give your Tablo a static IP or else when the DHCP lease changes your router could potentially give your Tablo a new IP address which would break your settings.