Port 80 is in conflict with webserver

I rely on my local webserver on Home PC for radar animations.

So, anything on port 80 is forwarded to the pc on
So, won’t that conflict with the tablo on , since it too is try to grab all port 80 traffic?

All I know is that when my web server works, the tablo isn’t working. And when I improperly set windows firewall on pc level, the tablo worked, but the webserver did not work.

It seems to me that if you insist on remotely watching TV through a web browser, rather than a real android app, that it will be impossible to run a home webserver. At least not with typical router traffic routing schemes or jumping to a real android app that does not use port 80… Now, perhaps, just perhaps, I can setup an alternative web server port, so the ip will be followed by a colon and port

If you log on to the Tablo device from the my.tablotv.com website in the Chrome browser, and of course are using manual port forwarding (not UPnP) on your router, you can change the private port from port 80 to something else.

Make sure UPnP is turned off on your router. And delete any port forwarding entries relating to the Tablo from the router. Reboot your router, then reboot your Tablo. The Tablo lets you change both the public and private ports.

So you don’t have to use port 80 as the private / internal port on the Tablo.

You used to be able to change the Private Port, but based on the screenshots in the link below it seems you can’t anymore.


Any input on this and whether the Private Ports are fixed?



There should be no reason to try to change the private ports on the Tablo. Port 80 on the Tablo is not the same as port 80 on your Home PC. Different IP addresses, different ports.

You’re forwarding port 80 on your router (your public IP number) to port 80 on the PC. That’s fine. But your router should be set up to forward the Tablo’s Public port (which is NOT 80) to port 80 on the Tablo. That does not conflict with the forward for the Home PC.

Do you have three port forwarding rules set up in your router (one for your webserver on the PC, two for Tablo)?

You are entirely correct.

When I add the default port 21151 to map to 8887, it does not work. When I change it to 8887 - 8887, it works. Same thing with 21150 to map to 80. It does not work unless I change it to 80 - 80.
80 is already being forwarded to another pc in the network for another website I am hosting, so I cannot use 80. I need to use something else. Where can you change the port from 80 to something else?

Ok ,I figured it out. I was in port forwarding section on my router. I needed to be in the port address translation section instead. This allowed me to enter External and internal ports, instead of just a port range.

Yes the issue here is all routers are different and usually the standard port forwarding page let’s you do port translation (an external port to different internal port).