Poor video quality

Tablo is plugged in to the Uverse 3800HGV-B modem/router. Forty channels are picked up and many have very good signal strength. I’m using a flash drive for storage. I’m using an iPad about ten feet from the router.
I set the recording to standard definition to try to improve the performance.
The image is good sometimes but frequently large bursts of pixelation and frequent pauses of playback. Looking at the knowledge base I suspect wifi problems. But as I hit the twenty second replay the errors are suspiciously in the same place.
Is there a drive speed test? I’d think the flash drive would be fast enough, but maybe not?
Most people are not using the Uverse router but one plugged in to it. Is the Uverse router acceptable?

Tablo does not recommend flash drives.  See the link below.


Also - my tablo is plugged into my U-Verse router - no problems.

Welcome to the Tablo Community!   Here are some tips that will hopefully help.

1. Flash drives are not supported for the Tablo.  You need a USB hard drive (check out the ones listed in the hard drive sticky in this forum).  Your flash drive is probably the source of your problems.

2. Standard definition is rarely used on the Tablo, since most people want at least minimal HD quality.  Once you get a real hard drive, try to use at least the 720p Chromecast/Roku setting.

3. A Uverse router should work just fine, especially if you are just 10 feet from it.   If you have a larger home, you might want to invest in a better wireless router, but for now stick with what you have.

Yes a flash drive is way too slow which is why you’re having to use the standard definition quality. Unless you mean a Solid State Drive (SSD) when you say “flash”

Try the 720p Roku / Chromecast quality with a real HDD.

Thanks. I just ordered a recommended HDD.


Which exact HDD did you order?

People have reported problems with the “recommended” 2 TB drives.

@theuser86 - We’re no longer recommending the Seagates that had the cabling problems so @jsbrava should be fine.