Poor signal causes long pauses in Chromecast

On a few of my channels there is poor reception. When I view a recorded show on my Android tablet, the poor signal is a short skip (<1 second) in the video. But when I try to Chromecast the same program, when the Chromecast gets to that bad data, it freezes for 5 or more seconds. Is there any way to correct this problem? Or can it be fixed in an update?

Tablo has re-written the player for all the Android devices so when that is released it may help.

However the Roku does not like poor signal quality, it gets stuck in a playback loop and repeats the next day 5 seconds indefinitely. Of course the Roku uses its own player but I am just saying it might be worth while to fix the OTA antenna issue.

Any kind of signal degradation will cause problems with playback. It may be worthwhile to invest in a better antenna or try for better positioning.

I have a Clearstream C4 antenna mounted to my chimney. I can’t get any better than that. The fact that it plays okay on the tablet and my laptop (a minor blip is okay) but fails on Chromecasting leads me to believe it is a Chromecast issue. I think the issue is the Chromecast device can’t handle the encoding error caused by the poor signal reception. The engineer in me says that if the Tablo cut out the encoding error during encoding I think the problem would be solved - probably also for the Roku device. I assume the Tablo device can determine the signal strength so when it drops to a certain threshold, the encoder should not encode the poor signal (or cut that section out) and insert a keyframe when the signal rises back to acceptable levels.

@gg4rest - I’m not sure if we’re able to do that but it’s something I’ll suggest to the dev team.