POLL - Have You Tried Other OTA DVRs?

Hi folks -

We hope you’ve had a good and restful of a holiday as can be expected given the current circumstances of the world.

To start off the New Year, we had a quick question for you in the form of a poll…

Which other OTA DVR solutions did you try before landing on Tablo? (Select all that apply.)
  • TiVo
  • HDHomerun
  • Amazon Recast
  • Channel Master
  • AirTV
  • Plex
  • MythTV
  • Simple TV (RIP)
  • Converter box (like Mediasonic Homeworkx)
  • Other (tell us more in a comment below)
  • NONE (Tablo was the first and only DVR I tried)

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Shouldn’t “None” be an option? :wink:

Shouldn’t there be another pool about which DVR’s you have tried since you bought your first tablo.

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Added one just for you.

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Had a Channel Master DVR+ The fact that the guide stopped working is why I switched over to Tablo. I purchased it then because my house was not “hard-wired” and I did not have a smart TV.

Before using Tablo I was an Aereo user (cloud DVR). Worked well, but DVR playback suffered (so-so quality).

Had to get something else when they went out of business. Very happy with Tablo.

I knew I was forgetting one.

Windows Media Center with
KWorld UB435-Q USB ATSC TV Stick

Myth might be expanded to include Plex & XBMC/Kodi as well?

Still my wife’s favorite : Dish DTVPal

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The never ending list.

Or Windows Media Center or Hauppauge Cordcutter TV.

Of course depending on what you are trying to determine, you might be interested in who has TV tuner background since many of the older tuners ran on a PC that was too slow to record. I use to love my ATI All-in-Wonder

Prior to purchasing my first Tablo in May of 2015 I used Windows Media Center with a Hauppauge tuner card after the conversion to ATSC 1.0. Prior to that I had a Panasonic DMR-EH75V VHS/DVD/HDD that could record to tape, disc or harddrive. I would typically record OTA to the harddrive, edit commercials out and then burn to a DVD if I wanted to save something.

Before Tablo I had (and still have) a Philips 160GB HDD/DVD-RW DVR unit. It even is capable of tuning cable channels and recording any of them. But I do not have cable so there’s that. It has a digital tuner so technically I could still be recording OTA with it but don’t. Tablo is a far and above better solution. It is still connected to one of my TVs and every once and a while I play around with it. I have used it to dub videos from VHS tapes using its Composite video inputs. Anything I record on it I can dub to DVR+RW discs and transfer them to my computer, then NAS.

Dish, Sling, etc wouldn’t seem to qualify as OTA DVR in my mind. Cable, satellite, and OTT versions aren’t really over the air even with DVRs. This would distort Other. In that case, I’d think the choice would be None or just leave a comment.

It’s neat to see comments about this, as it means people are indeed leaving those (overpriced) services for something like Tablo.

If a PC was too slow to record… wouldn’t that negate the record in DVR? Making it more like an OTA viewer?

Maybe just one big PC based DVR by what ever means necessary :wink:

My first DVR was a Replay unit back around 2000. Another I used (not on the list) was the AM21 tuner add-on for the DirecTV DVRs.

I had a DVD recorder as my first stand alone OTA Digital Video Recorder.

Before that I did have quite a few gadgets and gizmos that used my computer to record or transfer video to digital. If I wanted to actually record something on a timer with one of those I would have had to write a program to do it. lol

Who remembers the infomercials for the remote control with the built in timer so you could schedule a recording on your VCR?

I remember.

Then there’s this. I installed my own Direct-TV system back in 1997. It came with a little wire you’d plug in the back of the receiver with an IR emitter at the end of it. You’d stick it to the front IR sensor of a VCR so the Direct-TV receiver could turn on your VCR to record a program. Programming was done through the Direct-TV receiver. It was really quite slick.

I remember that now that you jogged my memory! How futuristic they were!

That’s nothing… my mom would often poke my brother or I to program the VCR. The ultimate remote control.