POLL: Do you hoard recordings or delete them after viewing?

Just curious about your habits…

What do you do after watching a recording on your DVR?
  • I usually delete the recording
  • I usually save the recording in case I want to watch it again later
  • It depends on the recording

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I rely on the “keep last x episodes” option.

It’s a mixed bag of what I horde and what I don’t.
At first I kept everything I recorded. But as my HD filled-up I had to be more methodical about what I’ll keep and what I don’t keep.

Sports: Watch and delete.
Daily programs (news, talk shows, game shows): Keep last x episodes.
Weekly programs: Keep a whole season and delete them before the next season.
Some movies I’ll keep forever and some I delete after I watch them.
Some program series I’ve kept several seasons.
Reruns in syndication: Keep last x episodes.
I’ll record a bunch of episodes of a program, binge watch them, then delete them.
Programs that I occasionally watch: Keep last x episodes.

I had been hoarding a lot of the older shows, but recently went through a cleanup. If the shows are new network shows, I’ll watch and delete. But with some of the really old shows, i.e. The Twilight Zone among others, I’ll record the entire series and watch at my leisure and maybe delete, or save off drive. I’ve also saved the final Jeopardy! episodes with Alex Trebek.

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in case - here lays the struggle, between hoarding vs collection. Do you ever get around to watching the weeks/months or even years of recordings you’ve amassed?

I accept some show may be considered iconic or legendary, or just be special to us individually. At what point do you have so many “someday, I might watch that!” list of recordings?

I delete them after I watch them. My wife keeps hers forever.

And this is why we have 2 Tablos. :slight_smile: