Plex, Tablo Channel, and Vizio - Not working

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I’ve got the Tablo channel installed via the Plex Channel store and can check my live TV streams & recording via the Plex web app, and even via my WD Live TV. But for some reason I can’t get it to work with the Plex app on my Vizio Smart TV nor via the DLNA browser option. Does anyone have any thoughts? Does this have something to do with the Yahoo OS on the Vizio or something specific with the Vizio Plex App?

Any assistance / feedback would be great! Negative / non-productive / non-relevant responses don’t help so just walk away.


Windows 10
Plex Version
Tablo channel v0.992

Vizio E55-C1
Version: V2.0.14.0000

Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR
Version 2.2.18

You really do NOT need to post the same thing in three different topics in 10 Mins. Hope someone will get ONE answer for you.

Well… Not posted within 10min of each other. Maybe same 1hr or 2. They are similar posts, yes… But not exactly. My other (Tablo for Plex - Now available in the Plex Channel Store) is related to the web app not seeming to work right. This one here is specific to my issue with Vizio/Plex/Tablo and I only started a new thread after I read about someone complaining about reopening old threads. So go figure! Everyone has something to complain about! I guess I’ll see if I can delete that one to make you happy?